Thursday, February 25, 2010


1:36 am

Not many people get to meet an angel on earth. I married one. Ever since she was a little girl all she ever wanted to do was to be a nurse-and the type of nurse she is- a “burn nurse” shows the compassion and caring she has. I’ve never heard my wife complain, swear, nor heard her talk poorly about anyone…even when they deserved it. Sometimes people are just ‘good’. Animals flock to people like that.

Such was the case with a cockatiel named Romeo. Birds are known for picking their owners-a chance trip to a friend’s house 11 years ago that had just purchased Romeo sealed the deal. Romeo immediately went crazy over Laurie and the friend gave her to Laurie.

Romeo died last night on Laurie’s neck while snuggling her hair. We tried to put her on a heating pad, but she weakly climbed off and up to Laurie. Now some people may say Romeo was just a bird. But if people are the food by which we fortify our lives, then the pets we love certainly are the spice. I cry for my wife’s loss.

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